Wednesday, May 31, 2006

2010: South African Odyssey

A fellow Jewish soccer fan asked me today if there were any Jewish players on the 2006 team. Unlike 2002, there are none (no Agoos), and only one whose name sounds Jewish (Wolff, no Friedel). I did mention that by 2010, we might see young Benny Feilhaber.

Got me thinking a little, that while I have no idea if 2010 will be the US's BEST World Cup team, that it will undoubtedly be our most anticipated team, from the obsessed fan POV.

In goal, TIM HOWARD will be 30, with a few more years of EPL experience, and be the US's number 1 keeper.

ONYEWU will be 27, and have more European seasoning. CHERUNDOLO will be 30, and presumedly still a capable defender. More than likely, we'll see JON SPECTOR, CHAD MARSHALL, MARVELL WYNNE and possibly ZAK WHITBREAD or FRANKIE SIMEK. CORY GIBBS will be 30 then, and a few more years of Europe, as well.

In the midfield, DONOVAN and BEASLEY will only be 28 (!) and CONVEY will be 27. We might see the afforementioned FEILHABER, EDDIE GAVEN, young Dutchmen LEE NYUGEN and MICHAEL BRADLEY, and a kid named ADU.

EDDIE JOHNSON will be all of 25 (or 26), and might be joined by CHRIS ROLFE, PRESTON ZIMMERMAN or even potential Yank/potential-Italian GIUSEPPE ROSSI, who still might be deciding come May, 2010. In the looking glass, we see DAVID AVIZVU (sp?).

Have I missed anybody here ?
Of course I have.. some MLS players between now and then will kick it up a notch, and some mainstays will find a place on the US radar. Time to brush up on your Afrikaans.