Sunday, May 21, 2006

All the way Jay

Jay DeMerit is an American defender with Watford. On Sunday, he scored the winning goal off of a header to lead his club into the English Premier league, beating Leeds United, whose squad includes American midfielder/defender Eddie Lewis.

Jay is 26 and has never played for the USMNT; I don't even know if he's been looked at by the US high command. He's been so off the radar, it's not surprising to me. It's not like he came up through MLS or a big college. He went to school in Wisconsin, and when he didn't make an MLS roster, he moved to England, and performed well enough at their lower ranks, to get a contract with Watford. (tidbit - Elton John is a part-owner). This is curious to many people - the guy is good enough to suit up for a club that will be in England's highest rank next year, yet he's never been at a US camp. 26 is late to start an international career, but I hope it's not too late. Go Jay !