Sunday, May 14, 2006

Cuffs, Mr. Bocanegra ?

So, in addition to being named to a World Cup squad, training with your team, facing the world's best, creating life-long memories and everything that comes with it, defender Carlos Bocanegra and his teammates get a closet full of Nike clothing. Non-soccer, as you can see. I love how he's on the beverage cooler and the tailor is adjusting his trousers. Like THIS doesn't get his teammates, and pretty much everyone on the team laughing.

My guess at the top 3 clothing-related comments heard at the US Soccer Nike clothing measurement event.

  • "That's not how they do pants!"
  • "Something in a low-rise brief - mesh if possible".
  • "Can I cough now?"

    I know the third one is a little weak. Anybody have anything to add ?