Tuesday, May 09, 2006


FIFA, which is soccer's governing body, is allowing Iranian PM
Ahmadinejad to attend the world party this summer. To repeat, I have absolutely no opinion about this kind of lunacy. Iran is one of the 32 countries represented. My thoughts are that if you deny the Holocaust and call for the destruction of another country, it's probably worse than having confusion over who packed your bags for you before you left home.

This isn't the only misstep that they've made.
  • It's been publicized that the Taliban has used halftime at soccer games to dole out their brand of justice.
  • During Saddam's reign in Iraq, the national team players would be injured following losses.
  • Iran doesn't allow women to attend games.

    .. For all of these, there was silence from Zurich.

    A few months ago, Israeli intelligence learnt that some terrorists were training on a soccer field in Palestine. Hoping to keep them from killing innocents, Israel had no choice but to attack them.

    This, however, awoke FIFA, who made their first-ever political statement condemning Israel for attacking a soccer field. Of course, when Israeli fields were bombed, FIFA was surprising silent.

    I don't necessarily think that FIFA is any more or less anti-Israel or pro-Palestine than anyone else in Switzerland...(pause)... but, I didn't feel right not including my .02 on this one in my World Cup-related blog.