Sunday, May 21, 2006

Forward to This

The US scrimmages against Morocco this coming Tuesday night. The last game I looked forward to as much as this game, was the friendly against Poland in March. The next game I'll look forward to this much will be the Friday night game, and then the Sunday game, and then June 12th versus the Czechs. Get it ? World Cup warm-ups are really great fun. I was fortunate enough to see their send-off games at RFK in DC in years past, versus Scotland and Uruguay, but because RFK is also used for baseball, it no longer houses the USMNT, which is unfortunate. It's all about optimism, ain't it ? We've never seen this group of US players play together, and that's what makes it so much fun. Up to now, it's all been about speculation and guessing. Now, we can see what some of these guys look like in the new kits. How does Gooch look back there ? Is Dempsey ready to loom large ? Is Convey still wowing them ? Can't wait...