Thursday, May 25, 2006

Good, bad and indifferent....

I try not to be fickle with things, but I realized earlier that I get fickle with regards to the USMNT.

We win a big game, I think we're on a path towards greatness. We lose a friendly to Morocco, and I fear that it's 3 and out in Germany. Of course, that all could change by the time I see 2 more friendlies between tomorrow night and Sunday night.
And, speaking of that.. isn't that delicious ? Two World Cup prep matches within 48 hours... Bliss. (Not Brian)

Looking objectively, it's one thing for our Europe-based players to beat a Mexican team of mostly Mexican-based players, but it's quite another for our team of European-based and some MLS players to beat teams like CZE and ITA whose players mostly play in upper European leagues. Of course, I thought that 4 years ago against the Portugese, and look what happened. See how tough this is ? Just when I arrive at a POV about this team, something changes it.