Monday, May 15, 2006

It Won't Be Long Now.. Yeah !

Four weeks from today, the USA plays their first match of the World Cup, against the favored Czechs. If we can somehow manage a win, it might be one of the most enjoyable sports days of my life.

In 1994, I remember going to a bar in downtown Baltimore to watch the US-Switzerland game. But, I didn't know the team much then; I was excited about going, but I didn't have the history with the team that I now possess.

In 1998, my friend Vadim and I went to my friend Jeff's house to watch the US's inaugural game versus Germany. Again, a fun viewing, but on a small TV, and not much atmosphere.

2002 was a little more fun - waking up at 5am EST to see us beat Portugal. In all honesty, didn't matter where I was that day, the result was the main thing.

Now, it's 2006, and boy, do I have a history with this club. And, I'll be taking my first ever day off from work to basically watch TV. I'm not sure where I'll be going, but I know what I'll be wearing, and I know what I'll be doing - watching all 3 of the matches that day.

Wow.. a month to go. I can't hardly believe it.