Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Passing Thoughts

Tonight, the US scrimmages Morocco in Nashville.
I used to think that I was heavily looking forward to the US
March friendly with Poland. Well, I'm immensely heavily looking forward to this game... dripping with sentiment. Like... this is the team! These are the players! How great are WC warm-up games ? Granted, Morocco aren't world-beaters, but they're not a bad club. Plus, I like Morocco in that they're a secular Muslim country. If Morocco and Turkey ever played, I don't know who I'd root for.

Questions to be answered:
Who will start alongside McBride? Wolff? Johnson? Ching?
How does Deuce look in midfield?
How will the backline look?
And, what's the deal with John O'Brien's hair ? This is the US soccer equivalent of concerns over Tom Hanks's hair in DaVinci Code.

Hello, Larry
ESPN are running some early World Cup promos.. the first features Bono's voice extolling the worldwide passion and attention played to the tournament. I saw the second one this morning with U2's drummer, Larry Mullen, talking about the Scottish fans - the "Tartan Army". The idea of the ad was that the Scots aren't in the tourney, but their fans would be there.
Excuse me, but who picks U2's drummer for this voiceover? Bono's speaking voice is great, and he's well-known, but nobody knows Mullen's voice...was there a U2 2-for-1 ? Also, why discuss Scotland ? And, couldn't they get another famous person to do this ? Kofi Annan, or another foreign voice that Americans might know ? I hope there are more ads tonight.