Thursday, May 11, 2006

A tip of the hat to the folks (or folk) over at Triangle Soccer Fanatics, who posted THIS LINK with some comments and great pics from today's first day of practice. I occasionally ask my friends this question - "Other than your life and your job, what subjects do you know the most about ?" For me, it's probably this team. It's a little strange when I can look at the group running pics, and identify EVERY player, when neither my wife, nor ANY of my friends could identify any of them.. they'd probably ask where Freddy Adu, or the red-headed guy with the goatee is. Still, there is a unique combination of sunshine, bright photos and the fact that these are the 23 best soccer players in the country, stretching before something which will last 5-7 weeks, and will be one of the most enjoyable experiences they ever have. For some, their last. For some, their first.