Thursday, May 11, 2006

Tom Petty was Wrong

A few weeks ago, a friend asked me about the months leading up to the World Cup. "Must be pretty boring, just waiting" he said.

For any of you reading, you know that this pretty much IDs him NOT as a soccer fan. If your country is in the World Cup, the months leading up to it are GREAT....second only to the anxiety/anticipation the morning of gameday, and the elation of evening after, should your team win.
  • First, you watch the World Cup graw and hope your team gets a good draw.
  • Then, you analyze your team versus your first-round opponents, and look for potential knockout round match-ups, if your team gets that far.
  • The big apparel manufacturers like Nike and Adidas introduce their shirts early in 2006, so you need to order one of those.
  • In April and May, your team's roster comes together. You obsess over potential inclusions and exclusions.
  • If your boss is cool, you ask for the days off when your team plays. If not, you figure out your sickness for those days.
  • Of course, you have to figure out which local 'pub', or which friend with a great TV will be blessed with your viewing presence.
  • Link your favorite World Cup sites, blogs and information portals.
  • Am I missing anything ?

    Whew.. maybe it's good this thing only comes up ever 4 years.