Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Too few to mention...

If I wasn't getting married this year, I would have gone to the World Cup. I even had a ticket. Not that this was a difficult decision. After I got engaged, I realized that I wouldn't be able to both plan and afford a wedding and a trip to Germany in the same year, not to mention a honeymoon, time away from work, etc. I know that I'll miss not being there, but I do have certain priorities, I hope :) Someday, perhaps in 2014 when it's held in Brazil, I'll get there. I'll be 45 then, but I'll still be passionate about the team. I have a friend fluent in Brasilian culture, despite growing up in the Virgin Islands, and England (?). Another friend with an eye towards soccer and spectacle has also expressed interest, and if the US team keeps in improving, 2014 might be a good trip to see them. I did harbor many excited bits of anticipation about going to THIS summer's fest, tho. The ability to party, meet and drink with like-minded fans from the world over, the chance to see Germany, and feel a part of something. Not to mention, watching the games, which sometimes seems like an after-thought when these things are concerned. And, to top if off, I would have brought an Elvis costume, and worn it to the games and the bars. I'm 100% serious. People would have loved taking pics with an American dressed as Elvis, and I woulda probably got on TV. But, there will be other chances. I'll get there eventually.