Monday, May 29, 2006

Vinaigrette on the Side

Did I spell vinaigrette correctly ? Hmm.. Anyways, I've been a busy reader this past weekend. I bought the ESPN the Magazine and World Soccer World Cup previews. Not to be outdone, National Geographic has an article about soccer's worldwide passions and even a pull-out section - something for the egghead set amongst us.

I noticed a few very interesting things looking at some team photos. If I were a better writer, I could better espouse this kind of stuff. Anyways, the French team consists of only 5 'white' players. The rest are from African, or Middle-Eastern roots. This is a profoundly cool fact, despite who your parents were. As with all European nations, France had their unfortunate share of colonizations and on the brighter side, immigration - the former and the latter from Algeria, Martinique, Senegal, Morocco, etc. Now, those players are now representing France at the higest sporting level, and little kids of many hues from Paris, Marseille, Lyon and Nantes look up to them. The Trinidad & Tobago Soca Warriors have one white player on their team, and even Germany boasts one player with African roots. All over these guides are Croatians with Dutch history, Japanese players born in Brazil, Aussies with Middle-Eastern blood. Granted, some of these guys took a chance to represent a country b/c they wanted to play in a W/C. America has had some of these 'passport' players like Wegerle, Earnie Stewart and Tom Dooley. Does it mean the same thing to Louis Saha to represent France as it did to Michel Platini ? Maybe not to some traditional French people, but to Saha, I bet it does.