Saturday, May 27, 2006

Wing and a Prayer

The US removed the formerly bad taste from their mouths with a convincing 2-0 victory over Venezuela Friday night. Bobby Convey was clearly MOTM, assisting on the game-winning goal, and basically being a terror/inspiration on the left flank. He made a very convincing argument for his inclusion in the starting 11 come June 12. I gotta think that with some of the less-than-stellar recent performances by Eddie Johnson, Josh Wolff and others, Bruce needs all of the offensive spark he can get, and Convey certainly provides that. Unforunately, DaMarcus Beasley has been a sure thing as left-sided midfielder, so it'll be interesting to see in which direction Il Bruce goes.

I've been scowering local Border's and Barnes and Noble locations, trying to locate a copy of 4-4-2's World Cup Preview issue. I have one from 2002, and I've really enjoyed it - yes, I still check it out occasionally. I found and purchased World Soccer and ESPN's preview issue, but 4-4-2 is the real find. The places I've gone to do have the May issue, but no luck with the June offering. 2 weeks to go.