Monday, June 26, 2006

Ask what you can do for your country

I was wondering what US team supporters as fans can do to help the team as we move forward. The obvious answer is to support the club. But, what does this mean, in real terms?

First, we need to put our muscle behind the team. Buy US or MLS shirts. Buy from their sponsors and let them know you're buying because of their support of US soccer. I used to buy the store brand of sports drink, but b/c of Gatorade's soccer ads, I buy their stuff. Watch ESPN or ESPN2 game telecasts. Visit soccer-related websites and participate in them. Go to local international matches. Closer to home, support an MLS club. And, let people know you're a fan. Spread the gospel a little bit. Buy a soccer ball and kick it around. The idea is that we need to get the sport of soccer some visibility in this country.