Sunday, June 18, 2006

Beckenbauer ?

I'm getting bored of the ad with the 2 young Spanish boys who choose players and then play on the dirt lot.

Firstly, I know Nike has all the Brazilian players, so that's why they can't choose Ronaldinho, but they choose Kaka.. maybe he's with Nike. Also, if you're creating a worldwide team.. you wouldn't choose Cissi first. The Beckenbauer thing is cool, but it's been done in other ads. And, there's like 47 different varieties of the commercial.

On the other hand, the one that I LOVE is the extended spot of the Brazilian team in their lockerroom before the game, just playing around with the Samba song in the b/g. The regular length one is cool, but the longer version is amazing. I downloaded it, and I've probably watched it like 10 times. Each time I do, I'm inspired to go outside and do amazing things with a ball, until I realize I can't.