Friday, June 02, 2006


Heres' my list of what I need to do before the tournament gets underway.

Request days off during US games - Done
Buy 2006 US kit - Done
4-4-2 Preview Issue - Need it
World Soccer Preview Issue - Got It
ESPN the Magazine Preview Issue - Got It
Sports Illustrated Preview Issue - Need it
Washington Post Preview Issue - Need It
NY Times Preview Issue - Need It
Find where to watch the games - There are options, I need to decide
Set TIVO for US games - Not yet
Set TIVO for other related programming - Not yet
Explain to my wife what this is all about - Not yet
Determine which Non-US games to Tivo - Not yet
Determine which Non-US games to see live - Not yet
Wear my US kit(s) around town leading up to tournament - Ongoing