Sunday, June 18, 2006


I watched yesterday's game at a place along Connecticut Avenue in DC called The Big Hunt. Knowing I would be in DC, I originally figured I'd go to the Lucky Bar, where I had seen some games before, but they actually had a line outside (!) leading up to the 2:55 kick-off.
Great atmosphere.. simply amazing. Pretty much filled with US soccer fans and a few Italians. We all had the same jokes, the same knowledge and we all met each Italian dive/feigned injury with the same sarcastic "awww...". Great location to watch such a big game.

As for the game itself ??? I was exhausted watching it. I probably yelled/screamed/hit the bar and made more noise than the combined NFL games I watched last season. Of course, I wish the US woulda won, but we're going into a must-win game on Thursday with a chance to go onto the round of 16. Isn't that the idea ? This is so much fun. During the game, I emailed or text messaged Joe, Jeff, Susan, Vadim, and Bill. We were all watching, all passionate for the US, all enraged at the refs.. who wasn't ?