Sunday, June 11, 2006

The Final Countdown

Well, this is it. I mean, really, this is it. This is the game we've waited for since the quarterfinal game with Germany ended in June of 2002. This is the game we've waited for since Bocanegra, Howard, Convey, Beasley and Onyewu went overseas. We've had this day in our minds since the first qualifiers against Grenada, since the hexagonal games against T&T and Panama... since the final CONCACAF matches with Mexico, Costa Rica, and Jamaica.. since we clinched a spot in the final 32 last Septemeber and the draw last Decemmber.

The bottom line is... This Is It. This is the reason I started this blog. This is the reason I bought the shirt and the scarf and took out my US flag. This is the reason I took the day off work, and called Jeff, Vadim and Joe and told them to meet me at the James Joyce Pub.

The 2006 Men's US National Soccer Team begins their tournament tomorrow against the favored Czech Republic and I couldn't be more excited.