Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Grains of Salt

The AP is reporting that US captain Claudio Reyna is "fully fit" for the Monday opener. I'm sorry, but Reyna is never fully fit for anything. I love what a healthy Claudio to the side, but this is like saying that
Michael Jackson has been cleared to visit DisneyLand, or that Donald Trump's ego was in check during a visit to Nobu. Some people have core things about them, and Claudio's injuries are one of them. He missed the 94 WC because of them, was hampered in 98, missed the 2002 opener. This isn't a player that can ever be listed as "fully fit". Something tells me that on blackboards in the Czech dressing room come Monday, their coach and all of the consonants in his last name will be telling his team to pressure Reyna, in hopes that his leg acts up again.

In other news, I'm now swimming in World Cup preview magazines; in the past 4 days, I've purchased the Sports Illustrated edition, and the 4-4-2 edition, which is their regular June edition, plus a separate glossy World Cup preview magazine. Nice job, on both. I suppose it tells you something about the respect that US soccer is getting around the globe that the US publication has us 3rd in our group, and 4-4-2 has us getting out.