Monday, June 12, 2006

Why I Do What I Do...

Today, I took the day off of work. I left for the bar at about 9am, brandishing US shirt and scarf. I was the only person watching the JAP-AUS game, which was actually pretty cool. Why do I do this silliness ?

There's a line from the Woody Allen movie 'Hannah and her Sisters' where he's complaining (imagine that) to his assistant. I don't remember it 100%, but it's something like:
Woody - "I wish I were back at (former job)".
Assistant - "You were miserable there"
Woody - "No, I was happy, I just didn't know it"
I remember thinking it funny at the time, but in retrospect I know exactly what the character was getting at.
It's very easy to look back in our lives to times when our current problems didn't exist, and think how much better we had it. Of course, we had our own set of seemingly insurmountable problems then and the turned out to be easily navigable. We just didn't know it.
As you know, it's the World Cup, when the world convenes for a month every four years to remind each other how much hostility still exists and why we're divided in the first place.
That aside, I have some nice memories of doing things and watching games for the 94, 98 and 02 games. Nothing lavish, but places I went to watch the games, the anticipation, the surroundings, and other things during that month. At the time, they were enjoyable, but 12, 8, 4 years down the road, they're nice memories. That's important - because we never think of making memories when we do - we just try to have a fun time when we're there. Only in retrospect do the good times seem increased.
I realized that when life provides you with the potential for passion and memories, I make the. So, I wear the shirt, I surf the sites, and I collect the magazines.
And, it's free, easy and all yours :)