Monday, July 10, 2006

And So, the Clasp is Shut

This evening, I have 2 errands - to mail some things from the Post Office, including a request for trial for a parking ticket (ack) and a gift for my second cousin. After that, I will visit Staples, to buy a large single clasp binder which will hold the literature I have purchased for the World Cup.
I've done this for every WC since 1994.

Added will be the preview issues from World Soccer, FourFourTwo, Sports Illustrated, ESPN the Magazine, The Washington Post, and today's NY Times Sports Monday. I'll check them out in the months/years to come, but they serve as a little time capsule so I can look back and reread the writers projections, reflect, smile and remember where I was and what I was doing during the monthly tournament - mornings at James Joyce, afternoons at Rocky Run, watching US-Italy in Washington DC, some first-round playoff games with my in-laws in Tampa and the final with my friend, Jeff in Baltimore.

The last item to get will be the official WC2006 DVD which will come out in November, or so.