Monday, July 03, 2006

The Four Tops

So, we're down to four - Portugal, Italy, France and Germany. Much has been written about Brazil's loss to France, so I won't comment too much but to say that I'm really surprised. I had told anyone who would listen that the tournament was Brazil's to lose. I didn't put much weight in the theory that Brazil can't win big games in Europe, until now. And, I saw potential weaknesses in all of the other teams, save maybe Argentina.

Max Bretos made the comment last night the Brazil being out helps the tournament b/c it opens it up (obviously) and derails Brazil's quadrennial dynasty, assuming they win each time it's NOT in Europe. I suppose that means they'll win in South Africa come 2010.

The sad thing about tomorrow's game is that it's on July 4th at 3pm, which isn't a time I was preparing to be home. But, it's a game I need to see. My only saving grace is a rainy day, wherein I'm forced to be inside. I suppose I could justify a 3-5pm home spell.