Saturday, July 22, 2006

Petit Hombre

Pictured to the left is Jonah Blum, one of the US team's rising fans
and a true developing soccer mind in the Atlanta suburbs. Recently, I was able to get a few minutes of his time.

MK: Jonah, your thoughts on the US's world cup flameout ?

JB: nuzzhhh... zabab zzababa
MK: So, it sounds like you're blaming Arena for the team's lacklustre performance...
JB: unga... zabbbab... zhhss (biting sock)
MK: Strong words, indeed. Do you think he can be successful with RBNY?
JB: nnaapppzaz dugaduga mpat
MK: Well said. On to the next question. Freddy Adu.. ready for Europe ?
JB: Brilliant...I've authentically been impressed with Fredinho this year. He's adjusting on the pitch to the withdrawn striker spot, and is reading passing lanes well. Novak has succeeded in teaching him better defensive awareness and technique. Before, he was just out there to impress everyone. And, lest we forget.. the lad is only bloody 17!
MK: Where do you see him ending up ?
JB: uaannns zapa nahng nhanb.
MK: There you have it.