Monday, July 10, 2006

See You in South Africa

Johannesburg is in the same time zone as Berlin. Initially, I wouldn't have believed this, but it makes perfect sense. Africa is below Europe and to the west of the Middle East. I suppose I thought South Africa was like 27 hours ahead of us, b/c it takes so long to fly there, but that's because of north-south distance, not east-west distance. So, call me enlightened.

I doubt I'll be in South Africa in 2010, but it would be fun. My friends Mark, Bill and Dino might be there. I'm sure it wouldn't take too much to convince them. As for me, it's not exactly economically feasible to do so, but it's not impossible. Odder things have happened.

And so, herewithin, I thank all of the people with whom I've shared this World Cup, either in fandom, defense or explanation - Amy, Mark, Scott, Vadim, Susan, Joe, Peter and Lois, Dino, blogger Isis, Jeff,, my parents, Amy's parents, the guy at BWI airport in the US jersey, the guy outside of ESPN zone who shared my disgust after the US-CZE game, the cute Irish waitress at James Joyce, SoccerTowne in Hunt Valley, the guy at the Senator who asked about my shirt, the guy at Nordstrom who got the wrong 2006 kit, WNST, like-minded reporters and all who share in the passion, love and wonder.