Monday, July 10, 2006

Uy Campari

In the hours leading up to Sunday's final, I did my best to get my Italian on. I downloaded the Pavarotti "Funiculi Funicula" from Napster, I listened to my Putamayo 'Italian Odyssey' CD and wore my black AC Milan jersey. That I watched the game at a neighborhood sports bar in Timonium, Maryland is inconsequential. I was about 65% agreed on going to the Little Italy neighborhood of Baltimore after the game, if the Azzuri won. When they did, I started heading downtown. I figured it would be a fun memory; I could honk my horn, see some flags and get some gelati. Well, my wife called while I was on my way. She was OK with me going, but she wanted to be able to go to dinner before we saw my brother's family for dessert. So, I turned around and we got sushi. I'm Ok with that; my wife trumps my World Cup interests, but I read a piece in today's Baltimore Sun about people rooting in Little Italy - I wished I'd known that before.