Tuesday, July 11, 2006

War of The Words

Two days after the World Cup final, and news outlets are getting some deeper information about what Materazzi said that got so under Zidane's skin.

I agree with what most people have said about this - that no matter what insult flew that Zidane has to keep his cool there - violence is a far worse thing than an insult. The latter happens all the time in sports; it's well known that teams are taught how to insult opponents in their native language.

Now, in no way do I condone what was said. If I was in the heat of battle, and someone slung something anti-semitic at me, I'd want his head bitten off, but I'd fuel that rage into performance on the field.

And, speaking of sports pundits, I've heard opinions from the usual soccer minions, as well as SI's football elder statesman Paul Zimmerman, Mike Golic, Dan LeBatard and Wilbon and a host of others. Hey, that's progres... regular sports journlists stepping in with their 2 cents. CNNSI's website even had a list of the top-ten sports meltdowns. I pretty much hate those silly lists, but atleast its' genesis was soccer.

And, getting back to Materazzi's quote, he said something like, "I'm a cultured man, I've never heard of a muslim terrorist". I realize that English isn't his first language, or maybe it came via an interpreter, but I think he meant to say something like, "I'm a cultured man; I don't believe Muslims are terrorists" or "I don't know any Muslim terrorists", to show his open-mindedness for Muslims.